Web policy

The guidelines in the web policy of CMPartner AB apply to all of its websites. As for the certificate of publication, copyright, personal data and cookies, see below.

Certificate of publication

CMPartner AB holds a certificate of publication issued by the Swedish Radio and TV Authority. This means that we are subject to freedom of expression constitution. Constitutional protection means that the content cannot be censored by a third party, that we have source protection, and that parts of the Swedish Personal Data Act (PDA) are not applicable.

For more detailed information, see the Swedish Radio and TV Authority’s website.


CMPartner AB owns, unless otherwise stated, the copyright to all material on its websites. However, the material may be copied and distributed to a third party for individual use, provided that CMPartner AB is referred to as the source of the copy, accompanied with this copyright notice.

The above rights to use the material from the web sites do not include the right to insert the material in other publications or works, regardless of media form. Material from these websites may under no circumstances be used, copied or distributed for any commercial purpose.

The websites are intended only for information. The information contained on the sites is of a general nature and should not be used as the sole basis for important decisions. We are constantly working for the sites to be correct, complete and updated. However, clerical errors, external influences and technical errors may result in misleading information. Hence, CMPartner AB cannot guarantee or take responsibility for the information always being correct, complete and updated.

Information retrieval or downloading from the websites of CMPartner AB or any linked website is at your own responsibility and at your own risk. The user is solely responsible for any injury or damage which may occur to your computer as a result of downloading from these websites.

© 2017 CMPartner AB

Personal data

CMPartner AB:
  • has a personal data responsibility and handles name data of executives in companies connected to Nordicnet and Largestcompanies.
  • contacts all the companies in its database on a yearly basis through questionnaires or web forms in order to assure the correctness of the data and to update names of executives.
  • has a registered personal data representative at the Swedish Data Inspection Board.
  • does not handle integrity sensitive personal data.
  • immediately corrects any inaccuracies and deletes information on executives that do not wish to participate.
The personal data in the database is protected by copyright. Hence, we require our customers to always state the information source when using name data obtained from CMPartner AB in their send outs.


We use cookies on both Nordicnet ja Largestcompanies. A cookie is a small text file stored on the user’s computer. It identifies the user’s browser and makes websites load faster, facilitates navigation, and saves user name and language settings. A cookie does not identify the user personally.

Temporary cookies, which disappear when the browser is closed, are used to manage login, search in database and ad display.

If you don’t want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer, you can disable them by changing the settings in your browser. Note that the sites will not work correctly without cookies.

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