Access Advanced on Nordicnet

Access Plus gives you, like Access, full access to all company information in our database. In addition, you can export the information so that you easily can process it. You also have access to a very advanced search feature to find exactly the selection you want.

Search facilities

Nordicnet has a standard search and a more advanced one. In the standard search you are able to search by company name, products/services, agencies or brands. In the advanced search the search criteria is expanded. Here you can for example filter your search by county, postal area or code, VAT number, type of company, industry and closing figures. Structured search paths make your search more efficient as well as they make it easier to find what you are looking for.

Export company information

If you prefer to process the information in your own files, you just have to export it to e.g. Excel, Word or PDF.

  • Find potential customers or other important target groups, and export company information to your own files for further processing.
  • Analyse competitors, customers, suppliers, etc., and use as basis for sales letters.

Information that can be exported

Company name | VAT number | Established | Address | Visiting address | Postal code | City | Country | Telephone | Fax | Web address | E-mail address | Business profile | Turnover | Number of employees | Parent company

Up to 11 names of decision-makers

Chairman of the board | MD | Marketing Director | CFO | HR Manager | Communications Manager | Technical Director | IT Manager | Production Manager | Purchasing Director | Sales Manager