Access Basic on Nordicnet

Nordicnet provides detailed information on Nordic companies. A part of the information is free and accessible for all, but a substantial part requires an Access. An Access gives you an unlimited number of logins and complete information about companies, including closing figures, names of decision-makers and production range. Note that you can not export information with this type of Access.

Search facilities

Nordicnet has a standard search and a more advanced one. In the standard search you are able to search by company name, products/services, agencies or brands. In the advanced search the search criteria is expanded. Here you can for example filter your search by county, postal area or code, VAT number, type of company, industry and closing figures. Structured search paths make your search more efficient as well as they make it easier to find what you are looking for.

What is included in Access Basic?

  • Detailed business information on 408,061 suppliers in the Nordic countries.
  • Information about the companies’ products, services, agencies, brands and decision-makers.
  • Closing information with financial ratios from the companies’ annual reports.