Nordicnet – Compare suppliers in the Nordic countries

Nordicnet is one of the leading web services providing Nordic company information. The web service primarily targets the companies’ decision-makers, i.e. purchasers, CEOs, marketing directors, business and product developers, technicians and engineers.

Nordicnet contains 408,061 Nordic companies with daily updated information. Hence, our customers always have access to the latest data. The company information on Nordicnet is collected directly from the companies concerned and our co-partner Creditsafe.

Advertise where companies are searching
A market survey* shows that 40% of the visitors have made a business decision based on input from Nordicnet. Advanced search features and detailed company information makes Nordicnet an accurate tool. If you choose to advertise on Nordicnet, you will reach your target group and your potential customers where business decisions are taken.
* The market survey was made by Web Service Award
Become an Access customer and you will get detailed information on Nordic companies
Buying an Access to Nordicnet will give you unlimited accessibility to detailed business information from 408,061 companies within the Nordic countries. With the Access you will have a tool that helps you to analyse your industry and your competitors in the Nordic region. The Access makes your daily work searching for new customers and suppliers more efficient.
Sales and marketing of business information

Sales and marketing of Nordicnet accesses and database extractions is done partly through our sister company, Content Media Partner (CMPartner), who are specialist in tailor-made business information that includes file clean-up, twin customer analysis and e-mail addresses.

In order to connect with CMPartner and take advantage of the tools and branding opportunities offered, visit